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The Great Balance Act

Our very first blog post was about practicing mindfulness. As I settle into being a mom of a preschooler, infant, and dog, I find it a little more difficult to stay truly focused on the present, what with the endless list of to-dos scrolling in the back of my mind at all times. That’s not…
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Get to Know Bob, Wags-A-Lot Walker

Many of you know Bob, one of Wags-A-Lot’s longest-tenured dog walkers. It’s easy to tell how much Bob loves dogs, given how close he is with all of his Wags-A-Lot crew. Today we wanted to share five other interesting facts about him as part of where we share a little bit more about everyone on…
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Top 10 Dogs of Instagram Accounts

Now that we’ve already made our case for mindfulness and the power of being fully attuned to the world around us, we need to get real with you and recognize that sometimes there’s just as much of a need for mindlessness. We just recommend that it doesn’t impede your bonding time with your dog—or yourself,…
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