Interview with Rendy Schuchat of Anything is Pawzible: Benefits of Dog Training

Much like with human relationships, most doggy-parent dynamics (or issues) can be improved by better communication and understanding. That's why we firmly believe positive reinforcement and other dog training techniques would benefit all of us, long-established dog parents or those new to the game. To get an expert opinion on the subject, we interviewed Rendy Schuchat, M.A., Owner, Founder, and Certified Head Dog Trainer at Anything is Pawzible, which offers group classes and individual lessons at five Chicagoland locations.

Rendy Schuchat, M.A., Owner/Founder and Certified Head Dog Trainer at Anything is Pawzible

When do you recommend someone seek dog training?

I recommend someone starts training the moment they acquire their new pet! Training doesn’t just mean enrolling in an obedience class. [It] is simply about creating a communication system of understanding between you and your dog or puppy. Training is also about creating boundaries and developing consistent rules for the dog to follow and understand. Everything from don’t jump on counters to here is where you will sit for dinner starts by creating rules from the beginning rather than trying to undo or change them long after you get your pooch.

Is it ever too late to start a dog training class?

Never! That’s our motto: “it’s never too late to improve the relationship with your pet!” Just like humans should always strive to learn new things, so should our dogs. We don’t want our brains to become sedentary and neither should our dogs'. It’s fascinating to watch our clients teach an older dog something new. The dog is so eager to get it right and the enthusiasm from the owners makes it a joy to be a part of the process.

What do you wish more people knew about dog training?

Training should be fun! Sure, it’s a lot of work and there will be struggles along the way but if you find good dog trainer, they will help YOU become an effective dog owner and you will gain a better understanding of your dog and the answers will come much easier for both of you.

Thank you, Rendy! Check out Anything is Pawzible and learn how you and your dog can kickstart your communication!

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