Get to Know Bob, Wags-A-Lot Walker

Many of you know Bob, one of Wags-A-Lot’s longest-tenured dog walkers. It’s easy to tell how much Bob loves dogs, given how close he is with all of his Wags-A-Lot crew. Today we wanted to share five other interesting facts about him as part of where we share a little bit more about everyone on the Wags-A-Lot team.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bob

1. He's been playing hockey for roughly 25 years. Starting at a young age in his living room with his dad, a plastic stick, and a stuffed soccer ball for a puck, Bob now plays in at least one league a season at various places around Chicagoland. What’s even more impressive is his versatility; Bob plays all three forms of hockey: ice, roller, and floor. Most recently, he played on a rec league through Chicago Sports & Social Club, but generally likes to squeeze in a little hockey whenever he can. He also collects autographed memorabilia and hockey sweaters, currently owning more than 200 sweaters.

Check out all these hockey sweaters!

2. Bob’s really into racing cars. Having collected cars since his dad got him started as a little kid, Bob has since amassed roughly 1,500 1/64-scale NASCAR diecasts. He attended his first official race in 1999 at the Chicago Motor Speedway, and since 2016 has had season tickets at the Chicagoland Speedway for the race weekend.

Bob's first race (he's the shorter kid).

NASCAR has always been his favorite.

Bob actually drove this!

This past November, he watched all three championship races at the Homestead-Miami Speedway, and will be rooting for Chase Elliott to win his first Cup Championship this season.

Bob in Miami.

3. When we say he loves animals, we really mean it. Bob has had many pets across the animal kingdom, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, and rabbits. He currently has seven parakeets, a bunny, and three kissing guoramis (fish). The guoramis are second generation, children of the ones Bob’s dad originally got in 1975. They’re only about six years old, and are likely to live for at least 30 more years! His bunny is named Gretzky after Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player to have ever touched the ice. Much like #99, Gretzky the bunny is also incredibly fast and crafty, and likes to sneak all the extra treats.

Gretzky playing video games.

4. Bob has been fostering alley cats since 2015. What started out as two has turned into 10 cats, but it really hasn’t gotten any more difficult. They’re all sweet little cats and just want pets and food like any regular house cat. Since it can get cold out there, Bob gave them a little spot to hang out in his yard by flipping a garbage can over and filling it with blankets. He’ll occasionally let one hang out inside with him, but they usually prefer to stay with their friends, pretending to be ferocious wild animals.

Bob's alley cats.

5. Bob’s biggest hobby is video games. For as long as he can remember, he’s played video games, starting with his mom’s Nintendo and his dad’s Atari 2600. Over the course of his life, he’s been lucky enough to own almost every console made from 1977 to present day. He collects games for almost every system if he finds a good deal, but his main system is the NES. As of now, his collection includes nearly 250 games, but there are still around 500 more he’d like to add.

The collection.

Of the thousands of games he’s played, his favorite by far is EarthBound for the Super Nintendo. He can’t recommend it enough!

EarthBound: play it!

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