Get to Know Julie, Wags-A-Lot’s Founder

We talk a lot about what we do, as well as our philosophy and approach, but we don’t talk a lot about who we are or how we got here. In many ways, it’s the culmination of our life experiences that has shaped our entire mission, to provide individualized, affectionate, and enthusiastic walks to each and every dog in our Wags-A-Lot family.

Because we believe in the power of personal connections, transparency, and openness, we’ve decided to introduce a new regular blog feature where we share a little bit more about the Wags-A-Lot staff. First up, Julie, the founder of Wags-A-Lot and person you might already know the best. Well, be prepared to get to know her better, because we’re pretty sure there’s something on this list that will surprise you.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Julie

picture of julie
Wags-A-Lot's founder, Julie

1. Julie has lived abroad twice, first while she studied in Salzburg, Austria for several months, then later when she lived in Jerusalem, Israel for almost a year. Her favorite part of traveling, other than the food, is the feeling of adventure and going into the unknown. She loves exploring new places and getting to know new people and different cultures.

julie in jerusalem
Julie in Jerusalem

2. Her favorite food categories are Mexican and Georgian, but in reality, she just loves anything spicy and with garlic.

3. Julie is a trained actor. She studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA and has performed in a few short films and plays there and in Chicago. Her favorite part of performing is that it helps her find compassion and sympathy for people in all kinds of different situations, as well as herself.

julie on stage
Julie on stage

4. Julie’s favorite type of music is reggae. She finds it incredibly soothing and loves that studies show that dogs also relax to the beachy beats.

5. Most surprisingly, she used to have a fear of dogs after being attacked by two boxers when she was little. It wasn’t until she met her friend’s dog, Addie, who eventually helped her overcome that fear. Julie and Addie ended up forming a very close bond, to the point where Julie would go visit her friend only because it meant she could walk Addie, despite the fact that Addie ate everything (like very expensive makeup!) out of her backpack. Fast forward several years, and dogs are practically Julie’s lifeblood. Who would have thought?

julie with dogs
Julie loves, loves, LOVES dogs now, clearly

Learn something new?

Great! With each blog post, we hope you learn more about everyone in the Wags family so you can continue to feel confident in your decision to entrust us with your fur babies. Have a question you want us to ask? Just let us know! We would love nothing more than for this to start a fun dialogue where we learn more about you, too!

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