Celebrating Howlloween with Dog Costumes

Sound the alarms! We are now mid-Barktober and Halloween is right around the corner. That means we have only two weeks to prepare ourselves for peak adorableness. I mean it’s cute enough when human babies dress in costume, but when dogs dress up too? Fuhgeddaboudit.

In case you want to dress up your favorite canine this year, we’ve combed the Internet and now present you with some our favorite dog costumes as inspiration. In no particular order, these pups are sure to make you scream (with laughter).

Image of dogs dressed as ghosts and holding pumpkins

Boo! [Source: Dogtagart]

The Internet's Best Dog Costumes

Dog Spider

Can you imagine this guy chasing you at night? Shudder. [Source: dogcostumes.com]

Dog Beanie Baby

Beanie Baby dog

D'awwww. I always wanted a real-live Beanie Baby dog. Didn't realize I just had to make my own. [Source: Brit + Co]

Dog Skeleton

Dog painted as skeleton.

For when you are too lazy to plan anything else. [Source BoredPanda]

Dewback Dog

Dewback Star Wars dog costume.

Precious cargo. [Source: Costume Craze]

Dog As Killer Clown Snack

Because optical illusions are the key to a frightful Halloween. [Source: Reddit @ketchuppacket]


Dog dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

When your dog wants the starring role AND Toto. [Source: Instagram @bluesky_frenchbulldogs]

Dog Beer Hauler

Dog hauling beer.

Teamwork is dreamwork. [Source: Instagram @greencoastpet and CostumeWorks.com]


Dog dressed as unicorn.

If your dog can pass as a stuffed animal, you win. [Source: Instagram @mochiandthecity]

Dogs as Fast Food

Dogs dressed as fast food.

When the old hot dog costume feels trite, go for all other fast foods instead. [Source: unknown]

Dog Ross

Dog dressed as Bob Ross.

When the real pièce de résistance is the dog itself. [Source: Men’s Humor]

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