Celebrating Working Dogs on Labor Day

For many of us, Labor Day is simply viewed as a day off from work, where we can lounge about, enjoy a hot dog, and celebrate the final days of summer. You may recall that Labor Day is, in actuality, a public holiday honoring the hard-earned contributions of working Americans. Started by the rise of the labor movements of the late 1800s, it was made an official federal holiday in 1894. Even then, Labor Day was usually celebrated with picnics as it falls at the ideal time between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving (we just wonder if dogs in the Olden Days used to beg for picnic scraps too).

While it’s possible we spend a fraction of a second recognizing the origin of Labor Day—even if it’s just by being thankful for the day away from the office—we probably don’t do a good job of remembering to thank the dogs who work so fruitlessly alongside their human companions. Today, we’re here to recognize the working dogs that devote their lives to the betterment of our world.

There are so many roles that working dogs fill that it would be nearly impossible for us to make sure we’ve got them all covered. Though many working dogs work behind the scenes and go without much recognition, we think they all deserve take a bow (wow) for their hard work.

Thank you….

...service dogs

for assisting people with disabilities, sometimes being the eyes or ears or legs of the people who rely on you.

...police dogs

for protecting your human handlers and working to keep your communities safer.

...detection dogs

for using your powerful noses to sniff out potentially dangerous substances.

...search and rescue dogs

for braving treacherous landscapes and using your specialized skills to help locate and save people.

...herding dogs

for contributing to the order and overall success of our farmlands and livestock fields.

...sled dogs

for using your agility to transport people and things across ice and snow.

...therapy dogs

for providing emotional support to those in need, proving yet again the healing power of man’s best friend.

Wags-A-Lot's Very Own Therapy Dog

Archie is a therapy dog through Canine Therapy Corps and just received his five-year service bone. He spreads love to patients weekly at Northwestern and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Here's a video of Archie in action. Thank you, Archie, for your hard work!

archie therapy dog

[Photo credit @trevorturk]

Something to Consider This Labor Day

This Labor Day, we at Wags-A-Lot want to thank all working dogs and even the regular just-at-home dogs for making the world a better place one slobbery kiss at a time.


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