Meet Our Team

Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking is a family, and our family is full of heart. Learn more about us, then see why our clients—and their dogs—love our dog walkers.

Julie, Business Owner

Julie has always felt an extreme love for animals. As a young child, she brought home stray cats and dogs and worked hard to find loving homes for them. She helped raise six litters of kittens throughout her childhood! She enjoyed caring for friends' pets more as she grew older and began walking and pet sitting dogs on a regular basis. This carried forward into adulthood when Julie worked at the front desk of a yoga studio and dogsat for people during classes. After this evolved into walking and sitting for those dogs in their own homes, it only seemed logical that Julie would start her very own pet care company with her loving and awesome husband, Andrey.

In 2012, Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking was born, and it has been one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Julie loves caring for Chicago’s dogs and making their owners’ lives a little easier in the process.

When Julie is not walking or playing with your dog, she loves spending quality time with her husband and their spunky child and dog, biking, and going to the theatre.


Andrey, Business Owner

Andrey grew up with family pets and took care of and adored stray dogs as a child. His love for animals is ineffable!Shortly after moving to the U.S., Andrey began working at a local animal hospital and at an ER as a vet assistant. Being surrounded by animals and people who love them was a great and fulfilling experience.

Currently, Andrey is pursuing his career as a software developer and helps his lovely wife, Julie, run the business and take care of all of its technical aspects. In the little free time that Andrey has he likes to produce  electronic music, play games, watch TV shows, and play with his son, dog, and wife!


Erika, Manager

Erika has always been a dog-lover from growing up with dogs; however, currently she has a cat at home who came into her apartment as a stray and then decided to stay put. I guess it's true what they say, the cat chooses the human! Erika adores Rosie's cat cuddles at home but loves getting to hang with doggos on a daily basis through Wags-A-Lot!
Erika recently started law school at Chicago-Kent after spending the past few years working in management at a few Chicago tech companies. When she's not dog walking or studying, you can find her on the Ultimate Frisbee field traveling the country with her competitive club team: Chicago Shakedown.


Christine, Lead Dog Walker


Christine recently moved from sunny Florida back to the great city of Chicago! She is a mother who enjoys cooking, working out and listening to podcasts.

Christine also graduated as a nurse and is a licensed cosmetologist. She recently adopted a rescue pup named Inga, a yorkie terrier mix, who loves to cuddle every chance she gets. 


Bob, Dog Walker

Since a young age, Bob has had a love for animals. He grew up with everything from dogs to ducks. Bob is currently in his second season of fostering and domesticating outdoor cats for adoption. He also owns a rabbit, nine parakeets, and an assortment of fish.

During his free time, he writes, designs, and publishes a digital magazine on retro gaming and plays a lot of video games as well. When he is not working on design or writing, he can be found playing some hockey wherever a sheet of ice or patch of pavement can be found.


Sadie, Dog Walker

Sadie has loved animals ever since she can remember. Some of her favorite childhood memories consist of running around playing with the animals on her grandpa’s farm.
It is no surprise that she later insisted on having a pet of her own. Besides caring for her own pets growing up (dog for 10 years and a cat for 18 years), she has also been a dog walker/dog sitter for about 8 years. During that time she has encountered pups of all shapes, sizes and personalities.
She really enjoys getting to know your dog and treats them as if they were her own!
Sadie grew up in Northwest Indiana/Chicago area but spent the last three years living in Colorado and Mongolia, where she taught elementary and junior high school.
When she’s not teaching and hanging out with dogs, she’s probably going for a long run or bike ride, sitting on her porch with a book and a cup of coffee, hiking, eating something chocolatey, or listening to Mongolian music. 


Paul, Dog Walker

Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking

Paul is a student of physics and mathematics and a composer who works with harmonic and rhythmic spectra. He has perused research in optics, acoustics, and graph theory.

An avid cyclist and climber, Paul spends his spare time exploring unfamiliar areas of the city. His dog, Stuart, is a 7-year-old Terrier who is fond of sunlight and jumping onto things. 


Lucy, Dog Walker

Lucy has grown up with dogs practically her whole life, including 15-year-old Fufu pictured here! Lucy’s a big proponent of rescue animals, like her family’s Cockapoo named Truman and her most recent pet, a kitten named Mabel!

She is originally from Washington, DC and moved to Chicago to begin her Masters in Counseling. She looks forward to becoming a certified therapist. In her free time, she likes to read, bake, play guitar, listen to podcasts, and get outside!


Viv, Dog Walker

Chicago Dog Walking Pet Sitting North Center Lincoln Square Andersonville

Viv is a true “’dogaholic”. Growing up, she has always had at least one dog around the house, giving her experience with a huge variety of breeds.Viv’s passion for dogs ignited when she moved to Chicago in 2012 and began walking pups all around the city, realizing her own motivation were the pups she’s always loved since childhood.

After her daily walking schedule is finished, Viv is still a proud doggie mama of two beautiful pups of her own, a cute Chorkie named Teddy and a yellow Labrador named Sunday! In her free time, Viv likes watching TV cuddled with her pups and husband, enjoying BBQ’s with friends, attending any Chicago sporting event (GO BEARS!), and singing along at music concerts.


Jenny, Marketing Consultant

Jenny’s love for dogs began at birth, as evidenced by the photos of her first dog, Snickers, eating directly out of her mouth when she was only months old. She may not so blatantly share germs with the dogs in her life now (though she suspects she’s unwittingly consumed at least 15 pounds of dog hair in her life), but her love for canines continues to grow.

She’s thrilled to bring together this love with the one she has for all things marketing and copywriting, acting as Wags-A-Lot’s very own marketing consultant (and Chief GIF Finder). In her spare time, Jenny enjoys exploring Chicago’s lesser-known attractions, playing strategy board games, reading, and pushing herself to learn new life skills alongside her husband, two children, and dog, Kaiser.


Sneha, Social Media Coordinator

Sneha grew up in India and always had a dog throughout her life. She visited her grandparents often and they had animals of all kinds, from chickens to cows, and always a dog to keep them in tow.

When Sneha was a teenager, she adopted a rescue dog named Misty, and that was when she truly understood how amazing dogs are, and completely fell in love. She is especially smitten by golden retrievers, thanks to Misty. 


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