Meet Our Team

Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking is a family, and our family is full of heart. Learn more about us, then see why our clients—and their dogs—love our dog walkers.

Allison, Business Owner

Growing up, Allison was jealous of all her friends with pet dogs and pestered her mom for years until she caved and let her and her sister get a dog of their own. She enjoyed helping her sister with her dog care services while they lived together in college. Presently, Allison and her boyfriend have their hands (and hearts) full with an Australian Shepherd puppy named Kobe and a tuxedo cat named NeNe.
She moved here from Indiana and has been a server/bartender at various bars around the city. She enjoys watching The Real Housewives, reading, cooking and listening to My Favorite Murder and scaring herself with true crime stories.


Sadie, Business Owner

Sadie has loved animals ever since she can remember. Some of her favorite childhood memories consist of running around playing with the animals on her grandpa’s farm. It is no surprise that she later insisted on having a pet of her own ("Mudd" - pictured above). Besides caring for her own pets, she has also been a dog walker/sitter for over 8 years. During that time she has encountered pups of all shapes, sizes and personalities and loves getting to know each and every one!

Sadie grew up in Northwest Indiana but spent the last three years living in Colorado and Mongolia, where she taught elementary and junior high school. Since she has been back in Chicago she has been working as an ABA therapist and, of course, spending lots of time with dogs!

 When she’s not working and hanging out with dogs, she’s probably going for a long run or bike ride, sitting on her porch with a book and a cup of coffee, hiking, eating something chocolatey, or listening to Mongolian music.

Bob, Dog Walker

Since a young age, Bob has had a love for animals. He grew up with everything from dogs to ducks. Bob is currently in his second season of fostering and domesticating outdoor cats for adoption. He also owns a rabbit, nine parakeets, and an assortment of fish.

During his free time, he writes, designs, and publishes a digital magazine on retro gaming and plays a lot of video games as well. When he is not working on design or writing, he can be found playing some hockey wherever a sheet of ice or patch of pavement can be found.

Diana Tomko, Dog Walker + Pet Sitter

Diana has always been compassionate, kind towards everyone and every creature, especially dogs. Her grandparents had a chocolate labrador retriever when she was a kid, and they always had fun together. When she got older, she wanted to adopt a dog, but her mother was against it, and they were renting the apartment. However, one day, "magic" happened! She was walking from the school to the bus stop, where she found a dog, sad, lonely, thin, sitting alone, very lost. She called her colleagues from the animal shelter she volunteered at, took the dog to the vet, and gave him a name - Jack. Jack lived 3 days at Diana's place, and then they found a foster home for him. After almost a year of searching, Diana and her friend finally have found a family for Jack. During all this time, they were trying to find a home, were making photoshoots, and took care of Jack and his health. What a story!

Diana was born in Los-Angeles, but lived her whole life in Moscow, Russia. She has an experience of volunteering in an animal shelter for 3 years, and has deep knowledge and experience with dogs and their behavior.

For fun, Diana does photography on a film roll camera, plays ukulele, guitar, piano, and dreams of becoming an event manager.


Dreya Saunders, Pet Sitter 

Dreya has loved dogs since she was little. Both of her grandmothers had dogs and she loved to play with them when she visited. She has never had a dog of her own, but has always enjoyed working with them. 

Dreya works in a doctor’s office in the Loop. She’s a Chicago native and is a Bulls fan , but is a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. Other than cheering on her favorite teams, Dreya likes to read and bake. 


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