Wags-A-Lot wouldn’t be anywhere today if not for our wonderful clients and their dogs. Read our client testimonials and see why the love goes both ways.

Otto"We are lucky to be one of Wags-A-Lot's first customers and have continued to use Julie and her team for 6 years for one reason: trust.

We completely trust in both their care for our pup and in coming in and out of our home on a regular basis. It is such a relief to have a loving, friendly team that we can rely on for daily walks and detailed updates."

— Betsi, Otto's mom


Archie"We've been part of the Wags-A-Lot family since the beginning and that's really what it feels like - a family. All of the walkers we've had over the years have been fantastic and have integrated into Archie's daily routine (and our lives!) seamlessly. Archie loves his midday walks and looks forward to seeing his buddy, Bob, every day.

Every single person at Wags-A-Lot truly loves dogs and takes care of Archie as if he were their own furry baby. I trust them all implicitly and couldn't recommend Julie and the Wags-A-Lot team more highly."

— Lauren, Archie’s mom


“We have used Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking for years now, and we are so thankful to Julie and her team for taking care of our dog Clarkson with an unparalleled level of professionalism, dependability, and most importantly, love.

Clarkson's breed is notoriously standoffish. He doesn't love a ton of people. But boy does he love Julie. He also doesn't love puddles. Thunderstorms. Other dogs. Salty sidewalks. And seriously, most people. But boy does he love Julie. He loves Julie because she knows all this about him. She treats our dog like we treat our dog; she loves our dog. You just don't get that from everyone. It's special, and we are grateful for it.

From an administrative standpoint, the scheduling, payment, and open communication that we have always experienced make it so that we barely have to think about Clarkson's daily mid-day walks. From an emotional standpoint, it seems like Clarkson may love Julie and her team more than he love us. We're learning to accept it. 😉

Thank you Julie and everyone at Wags-A-Lot Dog Walking. We could not be happier with everything that you do for us!”

— Sean, Clarkson’s dad

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